Posted on Nov 17, 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic's initial U.S. wave in 2020, Detroit, Michigan, was one of many cities where first responders and medical personnel needed more personal protective equipment. A Rotary club in India learned about the situation and contacted its longtime partner, the Rotary Club of Detroit.

"Our Indian partners got to work and were able to locate and coordinate shipments of personal protective equipment to Detroit," says Margaret Thorpe Williamson, a past club president who is now assistant governor of District 6400. She says the club has always had an international perspective and has worked with partners in Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, India, New Zealand, and more.

Getting needed equipment from India to the U.S. is just one example of the power of the Rotary network. And being able to instantly activate that network to make positive change is a key factor in engaging participants, because it shows people the breadth of Rotary's reach and how quickly members can take action.

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