PH Contributions Lookup Procedure
Procedure to Lookup Your Paul Harris Contributions

1.   Log into

a.    If you have not registered an account

                                              i.     Click on REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT

                                           ii.     Enter you first and last names

                                         iii.     Enter your email that you use for the club

                                          iv.     Choose yes for 18 or over

                                            v.     Click on CONTINUE

b.   Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner of the webpage

c.    Enter you email and password used when registering your account

d.   Click on SIGN IN

2.  Hover over The Rotary Foundation

3. Click on Foundation Reports

3.   Click View Report under Donor History Report

4.   Click on Donor History Report on the View Your Contribution History screen

5.   When finished

a.    Close the report

b.   Close the View Your Contribution History screen to logout of