Jennifer Jones began her term as Rotary International’s 2022-23 president in the midst of her Imagine Rotary Canada Tour, traveling coast to coast to coast to draw attention to the positive and lasting impact that Rotary clubs have in their communities.

"The Canada tour was awesome because it brought together different demographics," she said. "Every stop was representative of all ages, all cultures. The Rotary family was so excited to be together, to be in person, and showcase what they were doing. There were incredible, incredible things that people planned."

Organized around several hubs, the tour started on 17 June with an excursion through Yukon and the Northwest Territories, brushing up against the Beaufort Sea, an arm of the Arctic Ocean and one of Canada's three coasts. From there, it visited Jones' home city of Windsor, Ontario, and then the nation's capital, Ottawa. It next moved to St. John's on the Atlantic Ocean before heading west through Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver before reaching Victoria on the Pacific Ocean.