Nov 24, 2021
Dion Campbell
Michigan City Police Department Team

At our annual joint Rotary and Lions Club meeting, Michigan City Police Chief, Dion Campbel, will be speaking about the Michigan City Police Department Team concept. He believes that maximum impact and clarity can be gained by the community the department serves via this format of diverse voices from within the department.  In addition to chief Campbell the following members of the department will be speaking:

  • Captain Kevin Urbanczyk – Detective Bureau
  • Sgt. Kyle Shiparski – Laporte County Task Force.
  • Cpl. Kelley Kennedy – Warrants
  • Sgt. Steve Forker – Public Information Officer
  • Cpl. Scott Combs – School Resource Officer
  • Officer Michael Petrie- K-9 Division
  • Sgt. Mike King- Training Division
  • Assistant Chief Marty Corley

Don't miss this opportunity to hear about the Michigan City Police Department along with our Lions Club Friends.