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Thursdays at 11:45 a.m.
Salvation Army
1201 Franklin Street
Michigan City, IN 46360
United States of America

President's Message

Fellow Rotarians,

Our Rotary Club is never far from my thoughts. Yesterday my son and I took a break to watch the moon edge its way across the face of the Sun.  All of it was unusual. First was the rare time taken from ordinary routine to just be together. Solar eclipses are rare celestial events. This one captured the attention of millions of people across the USA. My son likened it to watching paint dry – but clearly it was more than that. Gazing through the near opaque cardboard framed glasses one could watch time as measured by the rotation of planets, moons and stars. What is our time worth? What is our Rotary time worth when we perform local service?

During a solar eclipse, the moon blocks the sun's light, casting a shadow on the Earth. Rotary Clubs often work behind the scenes to address community needs, but their impact can be significant and far-reaching. What shadow does our club cast?

Like my son and I taking some time off, solar eclipses often prompt communities to come together to witness the event, fostering a sense of unity and shared experience. Likewise, Our Rotary Club brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a commitment to service, fostering community engagement and collaboration.

Can Rotary have the impact of a solar eclipse? Solar eclipses can be observed from different parts of the world, connecting people across geographical boundaries through a shared experience. Similarly, Rotary International is a global organization with clubs in numerous countries, facilitating cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

Watching the news reports of the event I was struck by how many were emotionally and perhaps spiritually impacted by the moment. Solar eclipses are symbols of transformation and renewal, as the temporary darkness gives way to the return of sunlight. But its is a fleeting cosmic instance. Let us through our Rotary Club engage in projects that aim to bring positive change and  long term transformation to our community.   Our Rotary Club of Michigan City, Indiana can be the shining light of hope and progress.

Yours in service,